We began by reinventing the baby spoon. There's more innovation ahead.

Traditional baby spoons are difficult for learners. You know it. We know it. Babies definitely know it! That’s because traditional baby spoons are designed for kids with more advanced skills.

The NumNum® Pre-Spoon GOOtensil was the first in a new category of starter spoons created for babies who haven’t developed wrist rotation yet, a major motor skill that sets in around a child’s second birthday. The innovative flat design has won multiple awards, but more importantly it has won over the hearts of babies and parents worldwide. It was a good start.

But what's the deal with toddler bowls? Seems they are actually designed to increase the likelihood of being tipped over. No good. So, we redesigned it from the bottom up and called it the Beginner Bowl. Relax, parents, this bowl isn't going anywhere.

What's next? You'll see later this year. In the meantime, discover mealtime happiness with NumNum.